Soon after I started to convert this WordPress template into a new website, coronavirus hit and began rearranging my plans, my options, and my priorities…

…and so you are visiting during an interesting transition for all of us. In my case, after nearly fifty years of designing custom homes, I have announced that I’m not accepting new design work after my current project is completed in 2022.

This website marks the end of a career and sets me up for what I want to do in the future.

The easy part will be to present the best (and, I hope, the most useful) examples of my work to date: photos and reprints of houses, articles on home design, and columns on Nonviolence and related topics.

The more daunting task is to create an online springboard for the future. Preliminary thoughts: I’d like to design two or three homes just the way I want to see them built – zero carbon emissions, highly functional, and extremely beautiful. I’m interested in writing a book or two. I’d like to return to making music. And I’d like to put my experience and my writing skills to work to promote Nonviolence and to help us survive climate change (I’m currently involved in Taos’ Renewable Energy Transition).

Who knows if I’ll do any of that? I also have my marriage, my family, and my garden: life is full – and fulfilling – as it is.

But dreams are good. My working homepage title is “Vishu Magee Creative.” At risk of appearing pretentious, it reflects how I want to feel from here on out.

Vishu Magee vishu@vishumagee.com







I’m slowing replacing the projects provided by the website template with my own, beginning at the top….